Punching people because you're mad is not right -- not in the school yard, not in a bar, not in the game of hockey. There should be no age limit on self-control. It sends a bad message to our kids. It puts our athletes at risk unecessarily (have you read the latest concussion research?!). The game of hockey is good enough without fights, or even better (think of Olympic hockey).
We owe it to ourselves, our children, and to Don Sanderson's family, to protect our athletes and prevent fighting-related concussions and worse. It is time that we demand that the hockey leagues challenge common practice with common sense. Reviewing the rules of engagement of fighting, improving safety measures on helmets, and increasing penalties for removing helmets, are cowardly responses to a real problem. The fighting must go.
Not quite convinced yet? Read five against fighting and check out the links.
The GMs are proposing one new rule and recommending that another rule actually be enforced.  It's a start but not good enough.  

Why are we being so stubborn over doing the right thing? The GAME of hockey is part of our national identity; not the fighting in hockey, otherwise no one would care about playoff hockey or the Olympic gold-medal game.

It is always the right time to do the right thing. The right thing, right now, is to join the 'ban'wagon.

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